“Our beautiful home was on the market for 1 year. After Rodika’s feng shui consultation we changed the flow of energy, and quickly (in less than a month!) sold our home.”

K. Plaschinski, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Rodika Tchi is extremely knowledgeable in her field and a pleasure to work with. The positive changes that have taken place so far in our home are wonderful! I highly recommend her for any size of project.”

J. Keevil, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Thank you so much for the beautiful teaching that you give. It is so profound, deep and with so much love, I really enjoy learning from you.”

C. Brochmann, Stavanger, Norway

“The Feng Shui Makeover is such a great course! I was doubting in the beginning because it’s quite a big investment, but it was worth it. Rodika is full of wisdom and she gives it all not only in the materials, which are of very high quality, but also in the Question and Answers sessions.

She’s a very generous teacher and she offers something that many other feng shui consultants don’t transmit, and which is a true understanding of the house energies and it’s relationship with the owner. Energy is not a fix matter and so it has no fix immutable rules. The house, instead, plays a dance with its owner, and they both influence each other.

However she gives very practical and powerful guidelines to orientate yourself in the world of the energy and slowly slowly get confidence in your own intuition, your own sensitivity to energy. I have loved the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in feng shui. I have learnt so much. Thank you, Rodika!”

S. Buxaderos, Barcelona, Spain

“Thank you for all your magic, I am feeling wonderful in this home where until little while ago I felt I couldn’t live here anymore! Am very grateful to you. Thank you! I can never thank you enough, if life permits I would love to come and give you a hug wherever you are in the world.”

N. Lohia, Mumbai, India

“We both were fascinated with the whole experience. There were so many areas in our home that we knew needed something but weren’t quite sure what to do. The changes you made, especially to our bedroom, have had a profound effect on our life.”

B. McMurray, Langley, BC Canada

“When we sold our property in BC we made a huge profit on a property we barely had for 2 years. Even the agent was shocked because it sold in 7 days, not even time to hit MLS. During our stay there we worked with the suggestions from our feng shui consultation with you and that is what the new owners loved about our space, THE NICE FLOW OF ENERGY. It is during our stay there that David finally received his long overdue promotion at work. Your feng shui consultation was a blessing and like I said before: when I win the lottery you will be my Christmas gift to all my friends and family regardless of where I am living.”

B. Besner, Montreal, QC Canada

“I’ve worked a lot on my bedroom and now I feel grateful that I have a wonderful, adoring partner ~ we just made it to a year this week! Thank you so much for your warm and intelligent guidance during the Feng Shui Makeover course!”

T.Little, New York, USA

“I approached the whole Feng Shui thing with the same skepticism with which I greet horoscopes and sightings of UFOs, but after two hours in Rodika’s presence, watching her as she, swiftly and methodically, created space and a calming flow in my house, I decided to go for an additional one hour right then and there.

At the end, she worked for six hours in my house –- and it was well worth it. I couldn’t help feeling that I would benefit if she stayed another couple of hours. I will have her back! She is a combination of interior decorator, clutter remover, good taste baroness, psychologist and heart intuitor. Rodika helped me see my house with fresh eyes, and gently suggested small, medium and radical changes, all of which resulted in what one of my friends said: “Your house has a wonderful feel to it.”

Perhaps the most insightful observation to showcase Rodika’s talent is a comment made by one of my friends who is an artist: “There is more light in this room than there was before,” he said, “Did you just repaint the room?” I had not. Rodika worked from room to room creating light. Give yourself a gift – invite Rodika into your house and watch what she does.”

B. Martinuzzi, Vancouver, BC Canada

“The feng shui consultation surpassed my expectations and was very beneficial. It was practical in regards to the furniture placement and I was pleased a physical change was implemented in my home. Rodika, you are very gifted and your energy is positive and sincere. I’m feeling renewed in my home and also inspired about life.

I felt inspired by your advice and recommendations and intuitively knew that your direction was accurate. Some amazing things have happened in business since the feng shui session and my personal is coming together nicely in that I feel happy within and confident in my fate. I am feeling calm and protected at home and my home feels like it is complete in itself. I will highly recommend you and hope you do not stop what you are doing!”

S. Almrud, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Thank you for an AMAZING session. It was my pleasure and privilege to sponsor the feng shui session. I moved my computer table first thing this morning when I came to the office, thanks to your teaching. Your passion, expertise, and presence deeply touched and inspired me. You manifest a profoundly real and positive force and an authentically generous heart.”

J. David, David + Associates Inc: Executive Search & Management Consultants

“I LOVED the Feng Shui Makeover course! I can’t believe how much I have learned from you. It feels like you are right in my living room, as a close friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

K. Pischiwa, Prague, Czech Republic

“I just want to tell you that we have implemented some of your recommendations, and we felt a huge change in the energy of our home immediately. Thank you for showing us how we can do this. We are finally making this house our own.”

A. & D. Jo, Richmond, BC Canada

“I DO feel a changed person after the feng shui workshop at Hollyhock. I feel as if I am sitting in a darkened movie theatre after a great show and not wanting it to be over. To have my insight stay. Since coming home I am motivated to change my space and to be more compassionate and pay more attention to my needs.

I love your intense energy and intelligence! I would like to be able to stay on track the way you do. I must say I learned much more than I could have imagined and really it was what I came for! The group opened and bloomed in relationship in these 5 short days with your very skilled assistance.”

W. Webb, Owner, Seido-En Forest Retreat, Salt Spring Island, BC Canada

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to dive deeper with you in the Makeover course! I have followed you for YEARS! Thank you for always showing up so fully, and so open-hearted.”

J. Ben-Asher, Los Angeles, USA

“My experience with Rodika was a lasting impression. I would hire Rodika again and again, she made the experience of changing my apartment so much fun and my life has changed and continues to change with the changes I keep making because of the feng shui ideas she gave me.”

P. Duggan, Vancouver, BC Canada

“We had Rodika come to our home for a feng shui consultation as we are planning on doing a major renovation and found her recommendations very helpful. She gave us a good idea of how our space could be laid out. Her ideas make sense. We are happy with the recommended changes and look forward to seeing the results when our renovations are complete. She has lots of knowledge and has a great sense of energy.”

W. & R. Tang, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Do you want to start living an inspiring and rewarding life? Contact Rodika! I had her come to my home for a feng shui consultation on my bedroom and living room. What resulted from her suggestions has changed my life. I have been reintroduced to my soul mate! I have found the love of my life, moved into a new home with him, and we are starting a new chapter together.

My partner and I have taken all of Rodika’s suggestions to heart, and have bought a bedroom set based on her recommendations for us. As we buy items to decorate our home, we will be using her as a guide for us. I suggest that you get the Feng Shui report created by Rodika as it’s a great place to start making your living space your home. I truly feel that Rodika was the instrument to lead me to true love. Thus she gave me the tools to become inspiring to myself and others; as well as in leading a balanced life. These are all things one needs in order to feel good, and they were missing in my life. I can’t praise her enough!!”

L. Kerr, Vancouver, BC Canada

“I must say we were very enlightened by your feng shui consultation. There were some areas in our home which we felt were not really working, but couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong. Overall we like our house but wanted to learn more about positive energy flow within. Your visit was a breath of fresh air.

You were extremely positive and very knowledgeable about feng shui. By learning more about our family and house before coming you seemed very well prepared for the visit. Since your consultation we have made many of the changes you suggested which made real sense to us and we can already see a difference they make. I feel now like I am more interested in pursuing good feng shui in our home because I do feel it makes a difference. You were also a delight to work with and I could have spent many more hours with you. I would like to learn more in the future and I will highly recommend your services to my friends.”

L. Oswald, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Since time was of the essence, I think the phone consultation was great, since we couldn’t meet in Vancouver. The consultation helped me fill in the gaps and make some changes which were necessary and I think will be beneficial to my client. I will definitely work with you again in the future. Thank you again!”

Gina Mae Schubert A.A.S. Principal/Interior Designer, Art of the Raven Design

“Our place needed a LOT of work in all the different rooms and areas. Rodika came in and immediately went to work, assessing and making physical changes. Harry and I could see immediate differences in the space usage and in the general flow of one area to the next. Rodika – the whole experience of the consultation and the results afterward have exceeded our expectations. We also really appreciated that you ensured the changes were within our comfort zone and you were able to suggest alternative choices.

The feng shui changes together with your creativity have done wonders for our house. We had downsized and the place felt cluttered and small. We were getting on each others nerves. Now, walking into a room or space, it feels a lot more spacious. Visitors say the house looks bigger. We love the flow that has been created. The change made to the ‘heart’ of our home is amazing – it is much more serene and calm now. I absolutely LOVE my new home office space. I look forward to going home after a long day at work – it is becoming an oasis to re-energize my spirit. At work I used to get comments that I looked tired and stressed. This week, the comments have been that I look happy and stress-free. What a difference you have made to our lives!”

D. Tiwana, Surrey, BC Canada

“It was great working with Rodika Tchi even though it was long distance! Just be prepared to do a little work from your end for the analysis is dependent entirely on the information you provide. I got my home and office feng shui done, so I had sent Rodika videos and plenty of images so that she could connect with my space as if she were here in person. She was able to then work out the bagua for the house and the office and explain the various cures to bring forth to each area. I was also able to discuss colors, elements and placement of furniture in the most favorable positions.

Most important aspect as to why I chose to work with Rodika was due to the fact that I trusted her over some of the local feng shui experts. She is very open about sharing her knowledge and information and does not hold back. I had a couple weeks to discuss any questions or ideas that I had. It was a time consuming process, so I definitely advise in setting the time aside needed to get the maximum benefit of this time. I started out knowing nothing more than the very basics of Feng Shui but now I feel confident enough to make my own decisions and adjustments where needed.

I also got my office feng shui done from Rodika and what a difference that has made! I love my place of work now, so if you are considering contacting Rodika for a feng shui analysis and are committed to it, then go right ahead, you will be happy you did! Thanks again Rodika, it was a real pleasure working with you and I wish you all the very best.”

D. Uppal, Square Feet Realtors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I still can’t thank you enough, I love my new place and the way to the garden is wonderful. It was amazing and I am continuing to enjoy the new ideas. Thank you for all your great support in my space with the new lift. I can’t tell how great the new look is; you have opened up a whole new world for me. Thanks again; I will tell all my friends. Thank you so much!”

P. Duggan, Vancouver, BC Canada

“As conscious as I am about my surroundings, your consultation for my spa was the fresh perspective I really needed. It goes to show that we all need a new set of eyes or a different point of view to bring things to life again. Literally, the very next day, after only a few superficial changes, things really turned around. The energy felt so very different in the spa; it’s hard to believe it can feel so different! Several clients have even commented that our space feels bigger & brighter. There are still some important (bigger) things to change, but the wheels are quickly gaining momentum & so is our business! Thank you again, I really appreciate your incredible intuition and knowledge … it truly is a gift.”

T. Jamal, Spa Director, Skindulgence The Urban Retreat, Port Moody, BC Canada

“Rodika has such a calm and pleasant approach to her consulting that it was a delight to work with her. She gave me lots of feng shui suggestions – some simple, easily doable, and some a bit harder to execute, but I truly agree with her reasons even behind those. We have already implemented most of the changes, and they all feel good. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.”

Z. Scurtescu, North Vancouver, BC Canada

“Having worked with four other Feng Shui Masters over the years, I know Rodika to be conscientious, thorough, committed to her craft and completely focused on her clients’ needs and requirements. You can be sure of a successful outcome when working with Rodika. Her dedication is second to none.”

G. Hirst, Plantscapes, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Our time with Rodika at our home was lengthy but rewarding. To say that it was an eye opener would be an understatement of the year!!”

R. Jamal, Richmond, BC Canada

“We just bought a very lovely 100 year old house. We needed help to integrate ourselves with the house and vice versa, so we googled and felt instantly connected to Rodika and her web site. After speaking with her on the phone, we couldn’t wait to meet with her and discuss some of the challenges that we had been experiencing since our home purchase.

Meeting with Rodika turned out be a very good life investment. Rodika gave us in depth insights into the energies of the house and provided cures that had a immediate impact on balancing our energy and health. This was especially welcome after experiencing several months of chaotic stress resulting from real estate transactions and huge life changes.

Rodika prepared a package of all the feng shui information that she’s shared with us during her visit. The package included a short term and long term implementation plan. It is now one of the most read and re-read guides in our house. We’ve incorporated all of Rodika’s remedies into our multi-year investment plan. We’ve placed post-it notes on many areas in our house so that we are constantly imprinted with the house’s energies and what each area represents.

It has been more than 3 months since Rodika’s visit and we’ve already implemented many of her suggestions. The results are amazing, we are now very much in harmony with each other and know that we are powerfully protected in our home. All of this came about as a result of Rodika’s dedication to helping people. Thank you Rodika!”

E. Kau, Vancouver, BC Canada

“It was a whirl of change in our home but it made sense and it feels better. It was a challenge to change the office space and your feng shui suggestions and hands-on interventions were a pleasant surprise. It has given us the motivation to just get it done rather than talk about adjusting the home decor and furniture. Your approach is very supportive; I give you full points for being up front and honest about the changes that were/are necessary to balance our home environment. Thank you so much, you have influenced our home and work life and we will keep you appraised of the outcomes in our lives as we go forward.”

C. & A. Taylor, Coquitlam, BC Canada

“Thank you for your feng shui seminar at the UBC Health Conference. I really enjoyed the passion and energy which you brought to the room. I also wanted to let you know about the positive effect your presentation has had on the participants. As I have been doing my ergonomics assessments in various areas of the campus, I hear people talking about bringing in plants and talking about the Feng shui of their workplace. It is really nice to see people applying information that they have learned!”

G. Vahlas, Department of Ergonomics, University of British Columbia

“Rodika Tchi’s analysis of the feng shui of our offices, hall and entrance way caused some significant changes to come about. She got us thinking about our surroundings and while we haven’t accomplished everything yet, progress is being made. The new environment has a marked influence on enjoyment of our workspace, productivity and the bottom line. We receive compliments on an ongoing basis. I would heartily recommend her. (Our office is undergoing lots of changes, looking better all the time)”

J. Blackmore, President, Granville Island Publishing, Vancouver BC Canada

“As a matchmaker, I have the best job in the world! Being in the business of matching and introducing sincere singles together, our office environment is a critical factor that affects the success of our clients. After a recent move, I felt the office space needed a boost of energy. It was natural for me to call Rodika as I felt that Feng Shui is a valid method of bringing about real change in people’s lives. Her consultation included detailed, practical and easy to implement suggestions that were inexpensive and mostly involved using items we already had, with the careful consideration of the needs of my business by introducing the needed energy/images of couples and other details that I did not even think of.

Since the consultation, I am working more efficiently; our office environment is significantly evolving with a new energy flow, and I have asked Rodika to work with me on my advertising and after that my home!”

J. Carstens, Owner, MatchmakerforHire

“Your feng shui REALLY worked! I am deliriously happy. I have never met anyone like my new partner. We are in New Zealand right now. We are here another 3 weeks, then back to Australia and we return to Vancouver in June. I can see us moving here. I have NEVER seen beauty like this. We went on a hike in the Blue Mountains in Australia last week with a dear friend. Now we’re in Auckland and have been touring the North Island. Pinch me — I must be dreaming! I feel healthy — all health issues are practically nonexistent. Thank you so very much!”

E. Tilton, Vancouver, BC Canada

“I really got a lot out of the feng shui consultation. Really like the changes, especially the bedroom and the spa ….. excited to get out and pick up the things I need to complete the project!”

J. Carstens, Tsawwassen, BC Canada

“A few months back I had the Personal Energy Report done – it was amazing. The report revealed to me what I somehow always new about myself. The insight in that report was spot on. Based on the report, I made a few changes to my environment (and eating habits) which has made a wonderful difference – thank you!”

T. Clements, Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Wow, amazing. I am so confident and excited about putting everything together. I am so glad to have met you and I know that its just the beginning!!! I can’t wait to have you back in my space soon for the feng shui update.”

K. Herringer, Burnaby, BC Canada

“From the moment we met at the front door, I felt a good warm vibe from you. Your approach is professional, friendly and personable. I like that. I did not feel like I had a stranger walking around my personal space. It felt more like I had invited someone I felt comfortable opening both my home and myself to. I also liked the fact that you asked for my ideas on what would work for me based on my personal taste. Thanks to you I added a little to my basic knowledge of Feng Shui and I had fun. After you left I was inspired and excited to get to work on my new place! I know my space will not only look good, but feel good too. I would recommend your services and in fact I already have. Thank you!”

L. Robin, Vancouver, BC Canada

“I am very pleased with your work – professional and at the same time very friendly! Again, thank you very much!”

Y. Kawano, Vancouver, BC Canada

“I would like to thank you again for the feng shui consultation. I feel much calmer and the energy in me is much stronger. Yes, it was very refreshing and also overwhelming at the same time. I felt it in my body but it was all good. I’ve been having really good sleep in my bedroom this past weekend. It’s strange, my heart feels so much happier and I see good things for me in my future. I’m happy at work and it feels really good. Funny as it may sound, I feel like I’m working towards the next phase of my life with your support. I can somehow visualize how everything will come together. I can’t wait. Thank you for being such a wonderful person and bringing that good energy with you. I’m so glad to have met you and to learn how to believe I deserve more in life and relationships. I will keep you up to date with my progress. Thank you again!”

S. Yee, Vancouver, BC Canada

“I have been SO energized!! I LOVED the way you taught your feng shui course at Hollyhock and I thought you were really special. You have a wonderful lightness about you. Thank you so much!”

J. Kubrak, Ladysmith, BC Canada

“I was very inspired by your Hollyhock feng shui workshop and thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge and inspiration! Since I came home I promptly removed the “discipline” rock from my bedroom, took the lonely lady figure off the fireplace, bought palm plants to ground the fireplace and put up some beautiful pictures in my relationship corner! Thank you again for your wonderful light and loving spirit.”

A. Belyea-Karg, Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents. Your feng shui newsletter is the best!!”

E. Osborn, Dallas, TX USA

“I am so happy I took the plunge and invited Rodika into my home and business for a feng shui consultation. It was a wonderful experience which opened up my life for more prosperity and harmonious living. I am especially thankful for the removal of my “timebomb”. Since she removed my oil lamp from the place it was standing and transforming it into a rather beautiful flower vase, I could feel the harmony in my home increasing. It is small things like this, that only a knowledgeable eye could change for the better. Thank you also for advising me more about my prosperity corners …. I am experiencing the difference already. I will refer Rodika’s services without hesitation. What a wonderful life changing experience!”

D. Perold, White Rock, BC Canada

“I love working with you. You explain the flow of energy so well and how a well laid out plan that reduces clutter and is organized will make our lives so much easier. You have helped us with the feng shui of our home and now are working with us on the layout for a new cabin on the island. The feng shui feedback/advice on a good positioning for the cabin and a good flow of energy within the structure was wonderful. Having a skilled person like you show us early in the layout stage the best way to go really makes a big difference. Thank you!”

H. Oswald, Vancouver, BC Canada

“The feng shui consultation was provided joyfully and recommended changes are appreciated. My questions have been answered and Rodika took the time to explain things that I do not understand. She presented herself as professional, focused, respectful, detailed and has also showed that she is enjoying what she is doing. It is evident that she has a genuine desire to help the client. Thank you for providing a delightful consultation. It was very useful for me.”

M. de los Santos, Burnaby, BC Canada

“I loved the feng shui consultation with you; it was so encouraging to see that changes could be made so quickly! I have bought some baskets and a task lamp, and am hunting for the other things you mentioned. Once I make some progress, I’d love to have you come back again and see what further steps I can take.”

C. Parsons, Director of Student Services, UBC Faculty of Forestry

“I am happy with the recommended changes for my office space, Rodika gave me some very good concrete ideas during our long distance/phone feng shui consultation from which to get started.”

Dr. Pincott, N.D, Campbell River, BC Canada

“She can make it easy and simple or as elaborate as a person desires. An absolute detailed feng shui pro, a true master in this art!”

R. Michaels, Seattle, WA, USA

“Rodika is a fine, knowledgeable and warm person with great energy.”

G. Tom Wing Staudt, Burnaby, BC Canada

“I am very grateful for your help, Rodika. My condo was basically sold on the very first day it went on the market and for a price much higher than I expected. I was able to put a lot of extra money in my pocket and move on with the rest of my life much sooner than I expected. What perhaps surprised me the most was my own initial resistance to some of your feng shui suggestions and then later my absolute delight at seeing and feeling those same changes implemented, I almost did not want to move!”

K. Wilson, Vancouver, BC Canada

“I had a feeling that there were some problems with the business space and setup; Rodika was able to pinpoint the issues and make recommendations to correct the situation and the conflict. She made some valuable feng shui suggestions that made a lot of practical sense. Her keen sense of my surroundings made the consultation easy. She took her time without once looking at her watch. The written report that followed the consultation was prompt and to the point.”

S. Jamal, Owner, Rubina Kitchen at Granville Island Market, Vancouver BC Canada

“I’ve met a wonderful, wonderful man and couldn’t be happier. Life is just getting better and better…. Just have to shout it from the rooftop! Here’s to Feng Shui!”

E. Tilton, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Your dedication to your clients is amazing. ”

D. Watts, Parksville, BC Canada

“I took your course on office feng shui and liked it very much. It has given me valuable insight to Feng Shui. Thanks for all your help!”

P. Rose, University of British Columbia

“Rodika Tchi did a Feng Shui consultation on our house in June 2003. The experience was (and continues to be) beneficial in immeasurable ways. What I liked most about Rodika’s consultation was her positive, practical and thorough approach to Feng Shui. Rodika spent time asking questions and touring my house in a very thorough manner. When the consultation was complete, she gave me a written summary of her Feng Shui suggestions based on her tour of our house.

In her consultation she prioritized the changes that needed to be made. I still refer back to her thorough consultation and I’m still working down the list of priorities. I appreciated the fact that Rodika didn’t expect me to implement all the changes at once but she clearly outlined which ones should be done first. All in all, the experience was highly energizing and I would highly recommend Rodika and her practical, thorough and personal Feng Shui consultation.”

L. Hudson, Vancouver, BC Canada

“We are so grateful for our feng shui consultant, Rodika Tchi! Her advise on the art of placement has restored harmony in our home and improved the communication with our children (two teenage daughters!) We are much happier and more compatible as a family.”

P. Griffith, Kansas City, KS USA

“As newcomers, we wanted to feel the place we choose to live a part of our own in this new land and the Feng Shui with Rodika has been an extremely important help through out the process.”

H & L Echeverria, Coquitlam, BC Canada

“You inspired me to change things around at my office and I’m really happy with it. You did a great job, thank you for it!”

M. Carr, Vancouver, BC Canada

“If you are interested in a greater harmony in your living space, Rodika will explain feng shui in a way that is uplifting and make you want to clear out your clutter and be surrounded by things you love. Her suggestions are practical and positive. She is prompt, professional, organized, knowledgeable and encouraging. My feng shui experience with Rodika was great.”

E. Foster, Lawrence, KS USA

“Having met you I am enthused by your feng shui knowledge and dedication to the art of harmonious interior environments.”

G. Hirst, Vancouver, BC Canada

“Thank you very much for an entertaining and informative feng shui session. I have had great reports from attendees, saying it was a great event.”

T. Reilly, Chairman, Women Business Owners Association

“Inspiring… I am so impressed with your love of this work…your passion comes through clearly!”

D. Daniel, Vancouver, BC Canada

“I thoroughly enjoyed your feng shui session. I immediately went home and spent over 2 hours rearranging and cleaning out my bathroom. It is amazing how much better it feels! I am slowly getting at each room now.”

E. Borthwick, University of British Columbia

“Rodika is a highly skilled writer and an expert in Feng Shui. Her energy is positive and contagiously motivating! She is the kind of person you want to keep in your life because she feels like a good luck charm!”

J. Rose, Burnaby, BC Canada

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