how to prepare for your feng shui consultation.

Define your goals

The best way to prepare for your feng shui consultation with Rodika is to be very clear with your goals. What do you hope to achieve? What results are you expecting from this consultation? What is not working in your home and in your life? The more clear you are, the quicker the transformation can happen.

Upload the materials

After you book your feng shui consultation, you will receive the link to your private client portal where you can upload your home or office floor plan (with the compass directions and the street address), and any other info relevant to your specific project.

Use a phone or laptop

On the consultation day, it is best to be on your phone or a small laptop so that you can show Rodika your space. The typical online feng shui consultation process is an active one, meaning you will be moving and showing various areas of your home. With real estate projects at specific stages, the work is done by analyzing various documents. This means the time is spent with the client being in front of the computer, as in any typical online meeting.

A video recording of the consultation can be included, at no additional charge, at your request. Note that the follow-up work is not included, meaning if you have further questions about your space, a new session needs to be scheduled.

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