Bring Luck To Your Door — DELUXE


Offer Content:

  • Bring Luck to Your Door (PDF)
  • The Secrets to Activate Your 5 Feng Shui Money Areas (PDF)
  • Practical Feng Shui for Your Main Entry Challenges (PDF)
  • 30 min Consultation with Rodika (via Skype)

Please note: This option will be available again in early 2019.



The Deluxe offer includes three books and a 30 min Skype consultation with Rodika.

Bring Luck to Your Door 

Clear and easy to read, this book makes complex feng shui notions easy to apply in your life. Filled with practical feng shui tips, a detailed step by step guide to attracting lucky energy into your home, memorable stories, and inspiring, colorful visuals, this in-depth book is based on successful work with hundreds of clients around the world.

Full-color PDF, 155 pg.


The Secrets to Activate Your 5 Feng Shui Money Areas

Once you go deeper into your exploration of feng shui — with all its complexities, layers and mysteries — you will discover that there is more than one money area in your home. This book shows you how to clearly and powerfully activate these feng shui money areas in order to attract the energy of abundance into your life.

Full-color PDF, 55pg


Practical Feng Shui for Your Main Entry Challenges

The main entry is very important in feng shui because it serves as the main support for the front door to attract and keep all the good energy that your house needs. This concise and beautifully illustrated book guides you step by step in overcoming the seven most common feng shui main entry challenges.

Full-color PDF, 25pg


30 min Skype consultation with Rodika

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