Bring Luck To Your Door: Practical feng shui tips to attract good energy into your home

Clear and easy to read, this book makes complex feng shui notions easy to apply in your life. Filled with practical feng shui tips, a detailed step by step guide to attracting lucky energy into your home, memorable stories, and inspiring, colorful visuals, this in-depth book is based on successful work with hundreds of clients around the world. Full-color PDF, 155 pg.

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Rodika Tchi

Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant, teacher, and author of two bestselling books on feng shui. Interviewed by ELLE Decor, Style at Home, Canadian Living, The Globe and Mail, Psychology Today, The Miami Herald, Well+Good etc, she knows how to use feng shui to create vibrant and beautiful spaces.

The creator of and The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover, Rodika also offers digital feng shui packages and online classes & courses.

Her feng shui newsletter goes to thousands of long-term subscribers, and her feng shui videos have over 2.5 million views.

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Based on the old feng shui wisdom that a home cannot have good feng shui if the front door is unlucky, this practical and clearly written how-to book offers a rich source of feng shui tips for all front doors, and shows you, step by step, how to attract lucky energy into your home. 

From solutions to numerous front door challenges such as a house on a cul de sac or a house below the street level to best cures for your specific door, the meaning and positioning of numbers, feng shui fountains and a variety of lucky symbols, this book has unique content hardly available anywhere else.

Written in a clear language, with many memorable stories and inspiring illustrations, this not-to-be-missed feng shui manual of lasting luck is based on a solid foundation of long-term professional feng shui consulting experience.

Detailed charts, a comprehensive FAQs section, and a short home quiz are included, along with many additional resources to help you attract vibrant and lucky energy to your house or apartment.

You will also receive information about further resources to successfully apply feng shui in your home and in your life.


Feng shui beginners, experienced feng shui enthusiasts and professional feng shui consultants will all find helpful tips, solutions, insights, and inspiration.

This book is also an excellent resource for interior designers, home builders, and real estate agents.




Full Color PDF eBook

Detailed Instruction

Extensive FAQs

Further Feng Shui Support Resources

Works on Any Device

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The Simple Option: eBook with further resources

BONUS #1: Practical Feng Shui for Your Main Entry Challenges eBook

BONUS #2: The Secrets To Activate Your 5 Feng Shui Money Areas eBook

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The Complete Option: eBook and 2 Bonuses

30 min Consultation with Rodika (online)

Follow-up Summary of Specific Suggestions

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Which option is better?

The best option depends on your needs. Each option includes the Bring Luck to Your Door book in a downloadable PDF format, as well as further information to explore. The Complex option has two bonuses included, these books can also be bought separately. The Deluxe option has an additional, limited time bonus of an online consultation with Rodika.

What type of support do I get?

We offer a growing number of classes and online feng shui courses to help you understand and intelligently apply this ancient body of knowledge in a way that brings lasting results. Rodika also offers online consultations to further support you in your work.

You can find more info about the feng shui courses on or book an online consultation with Rodika on

Can I switch to another option later and get the price adjusted?

We do not offer a price adjustment or the possibility of switching from one option to another after you make the purchase.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for digital products.

I’m interested in the Deluxe option, how and when is the 30 min consultation offered?

The 30 min consultation with Rodika is offered via Zoom or Skype (or FaceTime, if this works better for you). Once you purchase this option, you will receive an email with the choice of times and dates to book your consultation. Your consultation can usually be scheduled within 2 weeks of the day of purchase.