Creating a powerful and healing home sanctuary is the essence of feng shui—the Chinese system of designing a space based on how energy flows. Feng Shui for Healing is a modern interpretation of this ancient wisdom, presented with empowering advice and step-by-step guidance for using your own space to nurture wellness and vitality.

Improper feng shui can keep you from feeling comfortable in your home and keep you stuck in old thoughts, stubborn habits, and stalled health goals. But with this book, you can learn to free up that energy with simple, time-tested feng shui home edits—like adding imagery that fosters a lighter mood and happier relationships. When the energy in your space moves freely, you’ll feel better inside and out.

Feng Shui for Healing is your accessible guide to:

  • Practical exercises—Discover simple rituals to sanctify your time and space, with actionable steps you can take right away.
  • Mindful pauses—Simple breathing exercises are included throughout to help you slow down and check in with yourself as you take on this powerful home energy work.
  • The 9 life areas—See how feng shui can enhance and protect family, friends, prosperity, health, reputation, career, creativity, relationships, and knowledge.

Make your home more comfortable and restorative with this fun and easy start to feng shui.

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